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With me, you speak with both the Producer, Cameraman and Editor.

Together. To gain Maximum Results.


I cater to everyone from Corporate to Specialised clientele.

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Video Production at a fantastic price.

I can also provide a Cameraman-for-Hire, Editor-for-Hire or Photographer.

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Hi! I’m Warrick Fraser.

Welcome to Kranky Kat Productions.


Kranky Kat Productions include myself, with other production professionals & assistants. We use discreet, powerful camera kits & software to produce a final product our clients are very happy & impressed with.


I am available in a range of roles: Videographer, Editor, Photographer & can assist in directing & producing your creative or professional project. Let’s have some fun!


Over several years, i’ve produced a range of creative & professional work. Producing, writing & directing various short films, theatrical media projects, film clips, publications & music. Performing onstage & off before turning to the aspects of production. Lending my technical & creative input to various artists.


And have won 2 Awards from the American International Film Festival.




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